British Celebrity Vegetarians

Vegetarianism is growing in popularity all the time. When I started reading up on it I was surprised just how many celebrities were veggies like me. Below are some of the more famous vegetarians I found – you may well be surprised at some of the names in the list.

When I was creating the list I found quite a few other vegetarian celebrity lists online that contained celebrities who are not vegetarians, so I have verified the list below to the best of my ability.

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  1. As a long-term vegetarian (now vegan) I love hearing about celebrity vegetarians. It’s nice to know when they care about animals. Good on them, just makes me respect them even more and they are that little bit more loveable xx

  2. I love being surprised by who is veggie! Morrissey will always have my lifelong thanks. He turned me veggie, though I was on the edge, ohh nearly 30 years ago. He’s the main man 😉 I don’t like Kaiser Chiefs,Coldplay or Radio head, but I have a little more respect seeing some of those guys are veggie!

  3. This shows we are not alone in our vegan life style world.
    I never knew any other veggies or vegans in 1977

  4. Thank you for this excellent list. I have worked hard over the past 3 years to create Sweet Expectations, a sweets shop that is the only one in the UK fully approved by the Vegetarian Society. I am keen to contact famous veggies by social media to see if they would be interested in my products. Brilliant work, thanks again. John Baldock

  5. Been watching Masterchef and a bit confused how Scott is a veggie but catches fish, cooks them and cooks meat?

    • There is a difference between vegetarianism and vegan. I am vegetarian but I still enjoy eggs,fish and seafood. Although I mainly eat meals made with quorn now

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