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  1. These are the best things ever! The only things I have ever missed since becoming a vegetarian are Percy Pigs. I loved these when I was a child, I ate them at least once a week! Ever since giving them up I’ve tried my best to replace them. I bought a Percy Pig cushion and the Percy Pig Piggy Banks (which unfortunetly came with Percy Pigs!) Recently I tried drinking Percy Pig Juice (that tasted suspiciously like M&S pressed raspberry and grape juice) and eating Percy Pig ice-creams that tasted nothing like Percy Pigs.

    When I saw these I imediatly thought: “YES LIFE IS PERFECT! THERE IS NO REASON FOR ME NOT TO BE A VEGETARIAN!” I’ve bought three packets since then and a few times when I have gone to buy them they have sold out. A good thing in my opinion as I assume that M&S will only keep making them if they sell.

    I know a lot of you are saying: “What the hell dude? They’re only sweets!” And I agree with you entirely. But these were a childhood memory and now that I can eat them again, nothing can bring me down right now. Little things like that are what give us the extra push we need to get out of bed in the morning. 😀

  2. Got some of these in my christmas stocking yesterday, never seen them or heard of them before. I was thrilled! They are so nice!!! Wondered what all the fuss about m&s percey pigs was, and now i know!!! Brilliant! Well done m&s!!!

  3. well done M&S THANKYOU so many sweets contain animal products that are truly disgusting.In this day and age there is no need for this.Way to go with the veggie piggies : )
    What next for veggieness?

  4. Truly awesome. Love love love these sweets. Just goes to show, you don’t need animal products to make good sweeties. Well done M&S

  5. Veggie Percy Pigs are delicous, but Veggie Colin the Caterpillars that M& S make or EVEN nicer, and so addictive.

  6. I got home from a school trip toFrance yesterday to have these amazing sweeties given to me as a welcome home present! Veggie Pigs are even better than the Percy pigs with gelatine and to be honest, they are much better than vegetarian strawberry laces and even the Starbursts that I eat daily. I absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!

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