Vegetarian Gravy Granules

Gravy is an essential part of any roast dinner – vegetarian dinners included. Homemade gravy is great, but the convenience and tastiness of shop-bought gravy is hard to beat. Okay – so you know that the green ‘vegetable’ gravy tubs are vegetarian, but what about the others? In the past, the green vegetarian/vegetable gravy granules (either Bisto or supermarket branded) were the only ones that were suitable for vegetarians, but now lots of gravy granules, and some premium gravy products are meat-free. Many vegetarians are surprised when I point out that the standard red tub of Bisto is now veggie, so I thought I’d highlight a few of the veggie options available.

Please note: all these products were labelled as ‘vegetarian’ at the time of writing, but don’t forget that ingredients may be subject to change, so always check the packaging before purchasing!

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  1. wow..fabulous…diferent gravy with alot of variety…thanks as its very much conviniet and easy nd fast to cook..thankss!!

  2. Beware! Some supermarkets now have their Green gravies as Lamb flavour. They should be locked up!

  3. Hi,
    Do you know if the asda gravy for meat is suitable to vegetarians? Thanks

  4. ERM red bisto contains 1% beef extract which I believe is meat produce. Correct?????

    • Bisto Best beef gravy in a kind of nearly square glass jar with a screw top lid is what you hit on. Just use what is in the round cardboard tub.

    • The green one is the only one that says vegetarian. The red and orange don’t, so you must be right because I don’t think OP is correct.

  5. Thank you for this, just ran to my cupboard to check my gravy and it’s made my day haha…Yorkshire puddings in gravy for me tonight!!

  6. Bisto gravy granules for chicken don’t appear to contain meat or chicken. Are these really OK for veggies as don’t know if the E numbers count

  7. Some of the products listed contain E numbers which may or may not be veggie. For example E635 and E322.

  8. Are Tesco Vegetable Stock cubes suitable for Vegetarians please?

  9. Discovered some time ago about Bisto being vegetarian, which was great news – vegetable stock cube, browning, and a couple of spoonfuls of Bisto, added to prepared Quorn mince and, voila, delicious (gristle-free) mince, and not a single animal was harmed!

  10. Hi is One Shop gravy vegan?

  11. Is Sainsbury’s gravy powder in a brown box, OK for vegetarians?


  1. Vegetarian Gravy Granules

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