Eating Out

Reviews of vegetarian food sampled from restaurants, cafés and takeaways

Review: Terre à Terre, Brighton

Terre à Terre is a popular, upmarket vegetarian restaurant in central Brighton. Ben and I visited this restaurant on a weekday lunchtime in August, having booked ahead via the internet. From the outside, it looks relatively small, but this is… Read More ›

Review: Herbies, Exeter

Herbies is a vegetarian café that has been in Exeter for as long as I remember. I use to visit with my mum back in the mid/late 1990s. Back then my mum and I usually opted for jacket potatoes, which… Read More ›

Review: The Waffle House, Norwich

The Waffle House is a Norwich institution, famous for its freshy prepared waffles that are offered with a wide choice of savory and sweet toppings. The restaurant is a popular choice among vegetarians, since it offers a wide-range of vegetarian options (over half of the menu)… Read More ›

Review: Red Veg, Brighton

Red Veg is a vegetarian fast-food café and takeaway, specialising in veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, chips and falafel wraps. As a testament to their tasty food, this café is always busy, and it seems to attract a range of different customers, including many non-vegetarians. It is… Read More ›

Review: Little Tokyo, Leeds

As the name would suggest, this is a Japanese restaurant. Although the restaurant is not vegetarian, the options provided for vegetarians and vegans are varied, imaginative and delicious! Also, according to their menu, separate soup stocks and fryers and used for their vegetarian dishes,… Read More ›