Sushi rice

Sushi rice and the associated dressings and nori are now widely available in most UK supermarkets (including Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose), so sushi-making is now accessible to all of us. Here we explain how to prepare sushi rice, ready for… Read More ›

Easy Vegetarian Paella Recipe

This vegetarian paella tastes delicious and creates a wonderful aroma in the kitchen! Although not strictly authentic, it’s quick and easy to make, and the recipe is very versatile. Ingredients (serves 2 as a main meal ): 150 g (5.3… Read More ›

Easy Vegetable Risotto Recipe

Risottos make great vegetarian meals, and are very versatile. You can include any vegetables you like once you know the basic recipe for cooking the rice. This tried and tested recipe tastes delicious, whilst avoiding the gradual addition of stock often insisted upon… Read More ›