Review: The Veggie Red Lion, Suffolk.

Ever since seeing this pub on a local news feature (when living in East Anglia) I was eager to pay it a visit. An opportunity arose in the summer of 2009 when I had to travel to Norwich from London with my parents and partner. Although not directly enroute, we were all happy to make a special detour to visit an exclusively vegetarian pub.

The Red Lion is situated in Great Bricett (a small village in the Suffolk countryside) and is East Anglia’s first and only exclusively vegetarian pub. It is the only vegetarian pub I have ever visited, and my expectations were high.

We arrived right at the end of the lunch service (having previously been unable to get through via phone to enquire about opening times and bookings) but fortunately the staff were happy to accommodate us. Inside, the pub looked like any other, with a traditional bar and a blackboard full of specials. There was a large group of classic car enthusiasts meeting for lunch when we were there, indicating that the pub attracts a range of diners and not just vegetarians. I had Porcini Risotto Fritters, my fiancé and Dad each had a Mushroom Wellington, and my Mum had a Roasted Vegetable & Brie Tart. We all very much enjoyed our meals, and loved being able to choose anything from the menu. Our only regret is that we don’t live nearer to this pub! We really hope to visit again sometime.

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  1. porcini risotto fritters sound epic! wow i didn’t know there were any exclusively vegetarian pubs in the UK. I mean, obviously there are veggie restaurants but veggie pubs is new to me. I live up in Scotland so won’t be able to check the Red Lion out any time soon 🙁

    great review anyway

  2. Yes, the porcini fritters were really good! I might try making something similar at home sometime. Last month I visited another veggie pub, The Prince George in Brighton (review: Not sure if there are any other veggie pubs in the UK. If you ever come across any I’d love to hear about them!

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