Review: The Waffle House, Norwich

The Waffle House is a Norwich institution, famous for its freshy prepared waffles that are offered with a wide choice of savory and sweet toppings. The restaurant is a popular choice among vegetarians, since it offers a wide-range of vegetarian options (over half of the menu) with at least one vegetarian special each day. According to their website, they are also careful to keep vegetarian dishes separate from meat-dish preparations. 

I discovered The Waffle House when living in Norwich a few years ago. It was my favourite Norwich restaurant and was always very popular with family and friends who visited me in the city. It was also very popular with everyone else in Norwich, judging by the fact that you would nearly always have to queue to get a table.  A restaurant that can sustain almost permanent queues must be doing something right! All the meals are generously sized, and attractively presented. My favourite dish was the Banoffee Waffle (fresh sliced fairtrade bananas with homemade toffee sauce and flaked chocolate) which I would always have with cream and ice-cream  (which were charged extra). This waffle was so delicious and so filling that I would sometimes by-pass the first course, or otherwise share a first course with my partner. On the occassions when I was hungry enough to indulge in a savory waffle also, I would usually choose the Garlic Butter Waffle or the Garlic Mushrooms with Cheese Sauce Waffle. Other options for vegetarians include a Mexican Style Platter, Hummous and Avocado Waffle, Oriental Vegetable Stir Fry, and Feta and Mozarella Waffle. 

Now I have moved away from Norwich, I very much miss this place! If I ever return, I will most definitely be visiting this restaurant again.

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