New Vegetarian Colin the Caterpillar Sweets!

Colin the Caterpillar has changed for the better – he has become a beautiful vegetarian butterfly!

Following on from the success of their veggie Percy Pig sweets, Marks and Spencer have just launched some brand new gelatine-free Colin the Caterpillar sweets. This time, instead of tweaking the appearance of the existing non-veggie sweet (like with Percy pig, who was given a green ear), they have launched a whole new shape – by changing Colin the caterpillar into a butterfly. What a lovely idea!

Hopefully the new lime, orange and blackcurrant flavoured Colin the butterflies will be as attractive to non-veggies as they are to veggies! Let me know what you think when you have tried them.


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  1. I’m assuming these aren’t vegan either…

  2. According to the M & S Facebook page, they’re not vegan as usual… how frustrating!

  3. They are supremely tasty though.

  4. They are seriously yummy – but very sweet!!

  5. These are delicious – lovely fruity taste and squidgy texture. Just as good if not nicer than Veggie Percy. Well done M&S!

  6. I assume from the look of them they are made with egg whites? Are they at least free range?
    What are they actually made from?

    • There’s no egg in them. I think the only reason they are not vegan is because of beeswax to make them shiny. The key ingredients are sugar, fruit juice and concentrates, and pectin for the gumminess.


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