Vegetarian Percy Pigs

Today Marks and Spencers lauched a new vegetarian version of their successful Percy Pig brand of sweets! These new gelatine-free Percy Pig fruit gums are called ‘Veggie Percy’ and each veggie Percy has a green ear, to distinguish it from the non-veggie Percy Pigs.

The twittersphere has been getting very excited about this new launch – with my tweet yesterday (from @VeggieAdvisor) announcing the new launch – generating a huge and very happy response!

Have you tried the new Veggie Percy pigs yet? If so what do you think?

UPDATE 15/05/12

I am pleased to announce that Marks and Spencer have now launched Vegetarian Colin the Caterpillar sweets!

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  1. Do you happen to know if they’re suitable for vegans???

    • Unfortunately they’re not suitable for vegans.

      • The ingredients are:

        Glucose syrup, sugar, fruit juice from concentrate (3%), citric acid, gelling agent: pectin, hydrolysed pea protein, fruit and vegetable concentrates (grape, blackcurrant, elderberry, apple, safflower), flavourings (strawberry, cherry, raspberry and grape), glazing agent: beeswax.

  2. Just been into M&S in Milton Keynes to get some and they don’t have them in yet and don’t know when they’re going to be coming in to store. Are they actually on sale yet?

    • Yes, they’re on sale now. According to Marks and Spencers they are already in the majority of stores, although a few people have had difficulty getting hold of them. I found them in the fourth store I checked! One of my twitter followers managed to find some at the M&S in the Centre:MK in Milton Keynes yesterday. Good luck with your search! 🙂

  3. bought 4 packets yesterday…none left oops

  4. Thanks for your reply. I’ll check again today but i even asked at the information desk and they didn’t know anything about them!

  5. Everyone at work raves about Percy Pigs, now I can finally see what all the fuss is about.

  6. Nikki – try – they have vegan jelly type sweets
    No Percy pigs but they have haribo 🙂

  7. I got all excited until you said their not suited for vegans. Ah well there are other out there that are. Will be sticking with my wholefood shop for now.

  8. They’re great, thanks m &s!

  9. They are very nice indeed! Finally vegetarian versions of an M&S classic.

  10. I took the last two packs from MK Kingston store this week, really enjoying them

  11. Only found out about these today , i LOVE them , not cheap but there amazing.

  12. I love them……addicted already 🙂

  13. I have eaten all the pack today – it was my dream to see veggie Percy Pig and eat them :-). Mniam!!! I love you, Percy Piggggg :-)!

  14. looove them! Really low in fat too, with fruit juice:’) soooooooo tasty, was so happy when I saw these on the shelf, thanks for caring about us M&S:’D

  15. wondering if anyone knows if the new improved percy pigs (or not for some) contain E142. M&S say no additives or colourings but my daughter has just come out in hives after eating them and in the past she has reacted to the green colouring e142. Surely M&S wouldn’t use it and I am barking up the wrong tree?!??

  16. Now this is the perfect Christmas present, I have already bought 2:

  17. really like them – one of the few veggie versions of any gelatine type sweets that have a brilliant texture!!

  18. Do they still contain bees wax


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