Meat-flavoured crisps without the meat!

Many of you were disappointed to learn that Walkers had begun to include real meat in their meat-flavoured crisps. I went on a quest to see how many alternative meat-flavoured crisps I could find in my local supermarket (Sainsburys) that were labelled as ‘suitable for vegetarians’. Those I found are shown in the gallery below (click individual images to enlarge). Please let me know (in the comments) if you have any others to add to the list! Hopefully Walkers will realise their mistake once people start switching to different brands. Please note – these were all vegetarian at the time of checking (March 2013) but bare in mind that ingredients may change, so please check before buying.

To those meat-eaters who might be confused about why a vegetarian would want to eat something meat-flavoured: most vegetarians avoid meat because they don’t like the cruelty involved in meat-production, NOT because they object to the flavour or taste of meat products. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this. I was devastated when I learned Walkers Chicken crisps contained real chicken and that I had actually eaten a packet

    I have been scrutinizing ingredients although in honesty I have gone off eating meaty crisps since!

    But it helps to know that my buying crisps for my daughter will now be without ignorance.

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