Review: Little Tokyo, Leeds

As the name would suggest, this is a Japanese restaurant. Although the restaurant is not vegetarian, the options provided for vegetarians and vegans are varied, imaginative and delicious! Also, according to their menu, separate soup stocks and fryers and used for their vegetarian dishes, ensuring that they are properly vegetarian.

I made two weekend trips to Leeds  last year, and ate in this restaurant three times! Each time the food and service were excellent. Over my three visits I sampled the following dishes: Vegetarian spring rolls, Deep fried sushi buttons (sushi in batter), vegetarian “chicken legs” (made of soya), Vegetable yakiudon, Veggie tempura and a Mushroom bento box.  My favourites were the vegetarian yakiudon, deep fried sushi and tempura!

I am looking forward to going to Leeds again, so that I can revisit Little Tokyo. If you are vegetarian or vegan, I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

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  1. I’ve been going to Little Tokyo for nearly ten years, but I think it has gone really downhill in recent years, in terms of both the quality of the food, hygiene, and the service. Seeing a rat-trap outside the kitchen is not a good sign, and while they make a big deal of their vegan and vegetarian options, after being served meat (something that has also happened to vegetarian friends of mine) I really don’t trust them.

    My last visit to Little Tokyo (and I do mean ‘last visit’)was with a friend, who like myself is not only vegan, but a longsstanding Little Tokyo customer. The restaurant was very quiet, and in fact we were the only diners seated downstairs when our order was taken. My friend ordered a bento box set with tofu steak and I ordered a vegetarian ramen dish. While ordering asked the waiter if the noodle dish came with tofu and he said that it did. I also said that I was vegan.

    When the dish came the waiter said that he hoped there was enough tofu in it for me. In fact it had meat in it, and because it was dark in the restaurant I put some in my mouth. For someone who is a strict vegan of many years this was a disgusting experience and I had to go to the toilet to be sick. I wasn’t even offered a glass of water, and when I asked to speak to the manager I was told there was no manager there. I then had to pay for this awful experience.

    A written complaint did not even receive an acknowledgement. I would never set foot in Little Tokyo again.

  2. I love love LOVE little tokyo and I highly recommend the vegan duck bento box its amazing and all the vegi starters are great. Its a great place to go has a bigger than usual choice really nice decoration (although could do with a bit of a touch up on the paint and a couple of lights changing) with its really nice atmosphere and I love the fish pond. After reading the above comment I have been served a normal duck by mistake before as I think they misheard or understood me as their english isn’t 100% so do make sure you are clear, they did appologise and change it straight away though. The only other downside I think is the toilets they are not the nicest in the world, but I will go there any chance I get.

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